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The lights of the city sparkled in the distance, bright blue and razor sharp, but the highway was dark save for the headlights on the asphalt and the glowing red of the dash lights. You could hear the sound of waves lapping at rocky shores just below the rumble of the engine, but the bay was cloaked in blackness, invisible under the clouded sky.
Wind streamed through your hair and caressed your skin, the low bass line of the music thrumming in your chest and coiling down your spine.
Gilbert shifted gears, accelerating, his silvery hair tossed across his cheekbones. The smile he threw you was headily reckless.
“Where are we going?” you asked, shouting to be heard over the wind.
Gilbert smiled again, mischief crossed with the breathless excitement of the feeling of the engine growling beneath his hands. You felt it too: the insistence, the tug of freedom.
“Wherever you want,” he said.
You leaned back and closed your eyes, letting your arms drift above your head. T
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 24
“After them!”
The sky was a bright, clear blue, and the silver trees swayed serenely.
Your head pounded.
You turned your head slightly, eyes still half-closed. Captain Honda was pacing nearby, agitation etched on his face. There were only a few of his pirates around. You assumed the others had gone after Eliza and the others.
You looked back up at the sky, partly biding your time, and partly trying to find the will to move. Your bones felt like stone.
The crunch of grass under Honda's boots was too loud. The taste of death weighed heavy on your tongue. You felt like you might throw up.
You focused on attempting to locate a weapon to distract yourself. A foot away, lying in the grass, was a small knife. You glanced back at Honda, keeping your eyes mostly closed, and then edged your hand towards the knife.
Honda turned, and you fell absolutely still. “We are close,” he said, voice low. “I want the Stone. Tonight.”
He resumed his paci
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 23
Your wrists felt raw beneath the stiff rope binding them. You had been struggling with it for the last hour, attempting to loosen the rope enough to slip out, but the progress you had made had gotten you less than a centimeter of space.
The cool metal edge of a gun was pressed into the side of your head;  a too-eager pirate walked beside you, finger uncomfortably near the trigger, leering when you stumbled.
It was impossibly hot, sweat dripping down your back and making your clothes cling to you. You could just make out Gilbert walking several feet away, head bent against the beating sun. You thought that the others had to be behind you somewhere, but you couldn't turn to be sure.
The pirate with a gun to your head looked really eager.
Honda halted, holding a hand up. The party came to a stop, and the Captain turned, striding towards you.
“Which way, girl,” he said, holding your star compass open in front of you. Anger boiled beneath your skin. Girl.
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 22
“Eliza!” you said, gripping her arms to stop yourself from crashing into her. She looked at you with wide eyes. “Honda, he's here. His men are already in the forest. We're too close, we have to go!”
“Wake the others!” you said, breaking away to run towards the entrance. Eliza disappeared behind the thick curtain of lichen separating the main room from the room where the others still slept.
Gilbert turned around at the sound of your heavy footsteps. “Captain Honda's on the island,” you said, catching your breath. Gilbert looked stunned.
He followed you back through the ruins as you pulled out your compass. A tiny version of the island sprang to life, zooming in on the ruins. In the escape from the automatons last night, you hadn't realized, but the ruins were sitting at the edge of the forest, just beyond the beach's end.
Honda's men were less than a mile away.
You tucked away the compass and burst through the lichen-cu
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 21
Gilbert stalked through the darkness, staying low in the tall grass. It had grown quiet, save for the occasional scratch of metal in the distance. He didn't see any more automatons.
He didn't see anyone.
The moon was in the sky; the shivering trees glowed with its light. Gilbert leaned back against a tree, catching his breath.
He should have gone back for you.  He should have gone back for you.
Gilbert scrubbed a hand over his face. You could be dead. You probably were dead. He hadn't seen the others since the two of you had rescued Punch. Was anyone still alive?
He shook himself. The important thing now was to keep moving, find safety. The metal machines could be back at any moment; he couldn't afford to stand around letting himself wallow.
The darkness pressed in on Gilbert from every direction. He couldn't see far, the moonlight kept from the forest floor by the canopy of leaves. He listened, waiting for any sign of the automatons, but heard nothing.
Twigs cracked underfoot as
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 20
A branch whipped past your face as you ran, cutting a fine line on your cheek. Your legs burned with exertion.
You knew Eliza was somewhere to your left, and you thought you could see Gilbert and Romano.
You didn't see Punch.
The sound of grinding metal was deafening.
The crash of sound changed, coming from another direction; you ducked low just as a hulking, twisted automaton charged through the brush at your side. Regaining your footing, you made a sharp turn, running diagonally towards Eliza.
The machines were everywhere. You could barely see in the heavy darkness.
Then you heard it: a voice, tinny and barely audible above the din.
“Help!” the voice screamed, and you turned. Punch was stuck, caught in a tangle of sharp vines, eyes on the automaton pushing through the trees.
“Go!” you said, pushing Eliza forward, and began running towards the boy. Your muscles burned, your breath coming in short gasps. The automaton was getting closer to him, long arms extendi
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 19
“Did you hear that?” Eliza asked under her breath. You looked out at the surrounding forest. The ocean was still visible beyond white tree trunks, and the tall green grass tumbling over the roots swept across your boots and swayed peacefully in the wind.
“Keep on guard,” you said. The forest was light, and you could see through it for what seemed like miles, but there was an uneasy weight settling on your shoulders.
Your band of pirates marched forward, Romano in the lead, Gilbert a few steps behind you. Punch tramped along beside Romano, hoisting a bag of supplies higher up on his back.  
You pulled out your compass. The needles were still spinning aimlessly.

“We'll camp here,” you said, surveying the surrounding forest. Darkness had crept in as the sun set, clinging to the trees like gossamer.
Romano dropped his pack on the ground, rummaging through it for matches, a soft wind mussing his hair. Punch hummed a tune under his breath as h
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 18
“Can you see anything?” Eliza called.
You moved your focusing lens, looking for anything, shape or shadow. But the dense mist surrounding the Skyshadow was impenetrable, keeping out even the midday sun.
“No,” you called back, your voice seeming too loud in the fog. A hush lay over the ship, eerily still and deathly quiet. No one spoke unless they had to.
You shivered and pulled your jacket closed, ducking your head down for a moment. It was freezing, and wet, the long tendrils of white-gray mist seeping into your clothes and creeping down the back of your neck.
It had been almost an hour since the Skyshadow had slipped into the fog. Almost an hour since you'd seen the sky, or even the ocean below. You could hear it sometimes, as if it were coming from a long distance away, the soft crash of waves somewhere far below.
You climbed down, out of the ropes, and onto the deck.
“I can't see anything, Eliza. Are the instruments working?” you asked, glancing
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 17
Pale, pre-dawn light slipped it's long fingers into your cabin through the half-covered window. Eliza sat beside you on the floor behind the bed, listening hard.
Outside, Romano was speaking to a guard at the first of the stations built into the cliffs.
Gilbert shifted, his eyes trained on the door from his spot behind the table. Eliza crept past you slowly, straining to hear through the wood.
The guard said something and laughed, and then the Skyshadow was moving again. Eliza let out a breath of relief and nodded once. You let your head fall back against the wall. You had gotten past the first station. Now, only five more.

Gilbert slid down the wall beside you with a sigh, propping his arm on one bent leg. You shifted carefully, your spine aching. You had been sitting in the same cramped spot for almost an hour as the Skyshadow sailed by the first two guard stations.
“Four left,” Gilbert said, stretching his neck. So far everything had been quiet, and Romano was pl
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Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 16
The street was cool and quiet, the sea breeze falling gently through the rows of canvas tents and old, sea-worn wood that made up the night market. You breathed deep, wincing at the still-healing wounds in your thigh, but the pain wasn't enough to detract from the gentle magic of the shadowy stalls, the peaceful stillness, the cool air running over your skin.
Softly glowing colored lanterns hung from stall openings, splashing the small street with patches of light. You pulled a square of dark cloth over the lower half of your face.
Distantly, you could hear the sounds of raucous celebration from the bars around the dockyard, all crammed full and bursting into the streets. At least part of your crew was enjoying the local distractions as well.
With a glance back at the dockside lights, you slipped further into the market, glancing into tents and inspecting glass cases full of glittering pendants and vials of dark liquid, old knives and jars of yellowed teeth. A scarf fluttered in the wi
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 11 6
Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 15
The ocean was angry and black above you, tugging on your skin with sharp, icy hooks. The arm around your neck was slippery; your hands couldn't find enough purchase to pull it from your neck.
The siren's song was eerily audible, moving through the water like a caress. The bits of cloth you had stuffed in your ears were slipping out.
You shifted, pulling your legs up and reaching inside of your boot for a short dagger. Your hand closed on the hilt and you brought up it up to your neck, striking at the arm around your throat. There was a furious hiss as the blade met flesh, dark blood seeping into the water. You pushed the arm away, ducking under and swimming towards the light of the surface.
The water was roiling, hundreds of tails whipping the sea into a frenzy. Your muscles screamed from trying to fight the currents; your lungs burned. But the surface was close now, almost withing reach.
Something wrapped around your ankle.
You looked down, grimacing when sharp claws pressed into your
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 22 10
EnglandxReader On Suspicious Bookstores
The bookstore was not at all what one would expect a bookstore to be. It was, of course, not actually a bookstore, but you could not have known that. So, valiantly, if somewhat stupidly, you ventured forth into the building, and immediately realized your very big, rather large, fairly huge mistake.
The bookstore was not actually a bookstore; indeed, it was a cover for something very different. A vampire Sanctuary.
The denizens of said Sanctuary looked just as startled to see you as you were them, dozens of pairs of faintly glowing eyes turned in your direction, stunned silence filling the rather stuffy air. You thought they looked something like deer caught in headlights, but you deemed it best not to say that, and instead turned right back around the way you'd come.
The air outside was much fresher, cool enough to make your breath fog, and smelled faintly of cinnamon, but this was not something you registered as you ran down the sidewalk, away from the Sanctuary full of glowing eyes.
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 52 43
Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxReader 14
The ocean was as still as glass, and dark as ink. Sharp, soaring cliffs pressed in on either side of the ship, threatening, blocking out the moonlight and rain. You could hear the storm raging, but it was as if you were hearing it through a wall; the narrow pass you traveled was eerily quiet.
You stood near the Skyshadow's railing, still, listening. The ship was too close to the water for comfort. If you concentrated, you could still hear fragments of the siren's song drifting in the air, soft as silk.
“We have to go lower,” Eliza whispered. “There are still too many jagged rocks up here.”
You looked up, surveying the cliffs. In the near distance, dark, sharp shapes stretched out of the cliffs like claws. You nodded, unease seeping down your spine. You could feel the tension of your crew thrumming in the air as Eliza walked away.
The ship began losing altitude, the water below stirring in the engine's breeze. You watched the ocean carefully. A dark shape darted
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 35 15
EnglandxReader The Tale Of Ice (Chapter 8)
“When you said she looked like (Name), Arthur, I didn't think you meant exactly,” said an accented blond man, looking at you in relatively mild surprise. “What is your name?”
“(Name),” you answered. The man came forward, gently grasping your hand and ducking his head, his lips hovering just over your knuckles*.
“It is a pleasure to meet you, (Name). I am Francis, an old friend of Arthur's.” Francis and Arthur shared a glance. Francis let go of your hand, walking into the kitchen.
“Coffee?” he asked, holding up a french press.
“That sounds amazing,” Arthur said, sounding tired. “Do you want some?” He asked, turning back to look at you.
“Yes, please,” you said, relishing the idea of hot coffee.
“You don't 'ave to stand there. Make yourselves at 'ome,” Francis said. Arthur made his way to the open living room, instantly dropping onto the couch. Instead of sitting, however, you walke
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 21 22
EnglandxReader The Tale Of Ice (Chapter 7)
None of the books in Arthur's library were any help at all. In fact, and Arthur had never said this before, because he dearly loved books, they were useless. Not one of them could tell him why he had met a girl who looked exactly like his dead love and yet was somehow not, or why said girl recognized people and things she had never seen before.
They also didn't tell him how to approach you again.
Arthur flopped down into one of his large armchairs with an irritated sigh.  He had spent the entire night moving between his books and his laptop, looking for something, anything, that was even the least bit relevant. What he had found was several specks of dust and several hundred websites about completely arbitrary topics.
“Just call her, or go visit or something.”
Arthur looked up. Alfred was standing in the doorway, up far earlier than he'd ever been before, with a cup of coffee the size of a large mixing bowl.
Although Alfred was loathe to say it after the emotional deci
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 16 11
Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxPirate!Reader 13
Steampunk!Pirate!PrussiaxPirate!Reader The Stormstone, Chapter 13
It had been three days. The Skyshadow still had the lead over Captain Honda's ships, but the gap was closing fast, and since Captain Honda had already had time to see where you were heading, there was nothing to do but fly on and prepare for the battle ahead.
You were sure there would be a battle. Eliza held on to hope that you could blend into Singapore's denizens, lose Honda in the crowds, but you knew he wouldn't be so easily fooled. You lowered your focusing glass, turning to look at your destination.
The lights of Singapore twinkled in the distance, framed by dark, looming cliffs. Jagged bits of rock stuck out of the cliffs at odd angles, sharp as knives. If the wind blew your ship too far to one side, you'd be skewered. It would be several hours more before you arrived at the pass, but trepidation was filling your chest.
You could smell it in the air.
A storm.

Beilshmidt walked past pitch black cells, his e
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 25 12


Colors and Shapes Test 01 by Grivetart Colors and Shapes Test 01 :icongrivetart:Grivetart 1,118 26 Coral by rossdraws Coral :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,023 96 Horseman of Death by theDURRRRIAN Horseman of Death :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 4,062 116 Rey by WojtekFus Rey :iconwojtekfus:WojtekFus 9,863 266 Red Flower  by ryky Red Flower :iconryky:ryky 2,730 70 Elven Long Cape by Firefly-Path Elven Long Cape :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,592 49 Tower of the Lost by ryky Tower of the Lost :iconryky:ryky 2,548 73 Duel by wlop Duel :iconwlop:wlop 8,416 203 Sea by wlop Sea :iconwlop:wlop 12,569 246 Island by ryky Island :iconryky:ryky 5,809 125 Be Witch by Naschi Be Witch :iconnaschi:Naschi 3,830 118 GHARTNYR - Silver, 18Ct Yellow Gold, Moonstone by LUNARIEEN GHARTNYR - Silver, 18Ct Yellow Gold, Moonstone :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 461 9 Unseelie Faerie Gown by Firefly-Path Unseelie Faerie Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,649 67 Black Elven Cape by Firefly-Path Black Elven Cape :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,242 39 The lost one by anndr The lost one :iconanndr:anndr 934 15 thinking by wlop thinking :iconwlop:wlop 6,260 105




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I'm a procrastinating, sarcastic, and invariably found listening to music.

And I like books and stuff.

Prusia Stamp By NekomimiArthur by Nekomimiarthur
God, I haven't been here in forever, but I was tagged, so I figured I might as well do it. Thanks, :iconabsolutelymonstrous:, love. 

1. Describe your desk in your bedroom. What's on it? What's under it?

My desk is made of a light colored wood, but as it's been with me since I was a kid, it's covered in scribbles and pen markings. It's currently home to my desktop, two books I'm currently reading (the fixer and a darker shade of magic), a book I haven't started yet, a leather journal, my sketchbook and drawing tablet, a lamp stacked on two fake storage books, a mini shelf, and so many papers. I won't even go into what's in my drawer because it's ridiculous. There's nothing under it but floor, though. 

2. Describe what you're wearing right now. Do you like it? If not, what do you wish you were wearing?

Right now I'm wearing a white air force one muscle shirt that used to be a normal t-shirt before I cut it up, and it's rolled into a crop top because it's hot and I'm dying. I'm also wear my black skinny jeans. As for what I wish I were wearing, idk because, like I said, it's really hot right now, but my overall dream outfit consists of a black military-style jacket (think old military), a white blouse, preferably one that ties in the front, dark jeans, and either a) very high black heels, or b) knee-high lace up boots. Yeah.

3. What's one fine arts skill you wish you could master?

Ummmm... I have no idea... I mean, I would say writing, but I don't think it counts. I already am/have been working at drawing, so. I don't think there is a fine arts skill I wish for.

4. Describe the most delicious meal you can think of.

Oh god, um, I have to go with Spanish cuisine mainly for this one. Croquetas and oh, this amazing steak I had in Seville, and churros y chocolate, and creme brulee (that's not Spanish but whatever) and tapas, and a milkshake. Idek. All the food pls. 

5. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the greatest place in the world. What are you surrounded by? Who's with you?

The greatest place in the world... Real, or imaginary? 

I feel like I'd be on the balconey of a big, open house where I could see the ocean and the lights of the city below. It would be night, and there would be a breeze, and inside I would have a wall dedicated to books, and some of those flowy white curtains. I think I'd be alone, because I've been craving it lately, but on a table would be the book I'm writing. There would be a storm starting in the distance, and it would be... peaceful. 

6. Describe your fantasy soulmate. Do you have a racial preference? How would you meet him/her?

Here's the thing: I don't particularly want a relationship, so (I'm super ace too >.>). If I did ever fall for someone, I don't think I'd have a racial preference, but I'd like them to be intelligent and witty, well-dressed, a little mysterious, and interesting, like, someone who travels, someone who's multifaceted and surprises me. I'd also need them to be into music because i can't survive without music. And books too!  

7. Describe yourself in three words.

intelligent, sarcastic, resereved

8. If you could have a tea party with any five to fifteen people on this site, who would they be?

absolutelymonstrous, InfoBroker-chan, Elfdragon345, Nevermoremist, EvaBirthday

9. Who are some of your greatest role models?

Maggie Stiefvater, hands down. She's amazing. 

10. Who are some of your favorite characters?

Ronan Lynch, I love him so much, and Gansey from the Raven Cycle, Church and Tex from Red vs. Blue, Rin and Haru from Free!, Kaz from Six of Crows (but I love all of them), Crowley from Good Omens, so many more.

I tag: The people I mentioned I wanted to have a tea party with and: anyone who would like to do it!
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