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May 4, 2013
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“Zhere are only zhree beds, so we have to share” stated Gilbert as he cast a smirk your way. You moved a strand of your wet hair out of your face, leaning back against the couch. Your shower had helped sooth your sore muscles, but they still hurt. That was what you got for not timing your crash correctly.

“Whatever, I just want to sleep.” You sighed, your eyes threatening to drift close. Fatigue was such a strange feeling. This was obviously not the reaction that the BTT was expecting. They cast each other glances.

“Really?” they inquired in unison.

“I think I might start killing people if I don’t get to sleep.” The BTT believed you, and soon they were scrambling to get you in a bed. You stood, swaying slightly, before they could pick you up and probably drop you. They argued for a moment about whose bed to take you to, before settling on Gilbert’s, because it was biggest.

You blew air out of your nose, and the trio hurriedly led you to the bedroom. You threw yourself into the bed, curling into the blankets. You felt someone pull the covers from under you and drape them over your form.

You watched as Gilbert took off his shirt and threw himself into the bed beside you. You were too tired to really care. Besides, the view was nice. He put his arms behind his head just as Francis and Toni began to climb onto the bed.

“Vhat are you doing?” Gilbert asked.

“You don’t get to keep her all to yourself” replied Toni.


“Vhat?! Nein! Get off!” Gilbert sat up, trying to push Toni and Francis off his bed. But they stayed put, Toni climbing to your other side.

“Non.” Francis grinned, throwing himself over everybody. There was a communal ‘Oof’. Gilbert groaned, but gave up the fight when you rested your head on his shoulder, already fast asleep. He draped his arm over your waist, whispering a good night.


Your eyes drifted open, warmth coating you. Your arm was draped over Gilbert’s chest, your head on his shoulder, and his arm on your waist. Toni was pressed against your back, his arm going over Gilbert’s and around you waist. Francis was still laying over everybody, smiling in his sleep. You blinked, and Gilbert moved under you. You blinked again, and he woke up, looking down at you.

“Liebe, zhat tickles!” You looked up, startled, and shot him a confused look. “Your eyelashes on my chest” he clarified. A smile broke across your face as you tried not to laugh. You shone when you smiled, and Gilbert thought it was the most awesome thing he had ever seen.

Toni woke up, propping himself up on one elbow. You took the opportunity to stretch and flip onto your back. Toni moved so you had more room, and Francis was still fast asleep, trapping your legs. Toni kicked him in the side a few times until he woke up.

You sat up as a groggy Francis wiped sleep form his eyes, and pulled your knees up to your chest. The three men shared a look behind your back, and suddenly all three jumped out of the bed and raced down the stairs.

You looked after them, slightly stunned. It was several minutes before you recovered and extracted yourself from the warmth of the bed. You straightened the tank top Francis had found for you to wear, and made your way downstairs, the smell of food wafting toward you.

The kitchen was full of flurried movement, the trio each cooking something different. You sat at a stool on the island, watching them cook as your brain woke up. You reflected on the fact that you were watching three hot shirtless men cooking, and decided that life could definitely be worse.

It wasn’t long before each of the trio members was setting a dish before you, each from their country. You inhaled, your mouth watering, and then forced yourself to patiently wait as they told you what they’d made.

“Zhis is totally awesome wurst!” Gilbert stated. You giggled slightly.

“I made crepes with chocolate ganache.” Francis said with a sophisticated air. The word chocolate stood out from the rest.

“This is a Spanish omelet, with potatoes.” Toni gave you a sweet smile as he leaned on the island.

They watched you as you ate. It was the most delicious food you had ever tasted. You closed your eyes, savoring the different tastes. You could get used to this.
I had such block when it came to writing this, but here it is! Second and final part.

Part 1:[link]

I do not own you or hetalia!
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