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April 14, 2013
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You walked down the dark forest path that led to your home, pulling your coat closer to your body as a chilly wind flowed between the trees. The moon shone eerily behind thick clouds, and the trees moaned, their leaves rustling.

A shiver ran down your back, and you looked back, the feeling of someone watching you making you pick up your pace. The path was dark and deserted, and you weren’t close to your home yet. Your breathing quickened when you heard the snap of a twig behind you.

The wind blew more harshly, and you nearly screamed for help when you heard dark laughter. The laughter seemed to swirl around you as you broke into a full run. You slowed as you spotted something on the path ahead.

As you moved closer, you realized it was a person, laying in the middle of the forest path. You inched closer, trying to get a closer look. It was a man, with disheveled blonde hair. His eyes were closed, and you leaned down to check if he was still breathing, glancing behind you.

You reached your hand out to him, and his eyes snapped open, revealing a brilliant dark green. The laughter echoed around you again, and the man smirked. You gasped and stumbled backwards as his large black wings and tail became visible.

The man stood, smirking down at his prey. You slid backwards on the floor, trying to regain your footing. The man advanced towards you nonchalantly, his gaze trailing over you. Finally you managed to stand, and turned to run the other way. But there he was in front of you.

“It won’t be that easy to get away, love.” A British accent coated his words. You looked around for ways to escape, but then you were pressed against his chest, his arms holding you immobile. He stuck his face in your hair and took a deep breath.

“You smell delicious.” With a chuckle he released your struggling form, and you ran into the forest, your heart threatening to rip out of your chest. Fear coated your limbs, making it hard to run, and your breath was labored and unsteady.

He caught you again, like a cat playing with a mouse, laughing. You struggled against him, but he was too strong. His tail came up to caress your cheek, his hands slipping under the edge of your shirt. Unpleasant shivers racked your body.

“Please! Let me go!” you whispered, tears rushing to your eyes.

“I don’t think I will, love.” You felt him smirk as he lowered his lips to your neck. You squirmed, tears spilling out of your eyes. His lips touched your neck, and your vision momentarily blurred as he bit the soft skin.

You suddenly felt something you’d never felt before. Your whole body felt… awake. You turned in the demon’s grasp and pushed him as hard as he could. The demon flew into the air, hitting a tree. You stared from the demon to your hands and back, and then turned and ran.


You sat on the floor of your shower, holding your knees against your chest as hot water rained over your back. You buried your head in your knees, fighting off the fear that was still coursing through your veins. You were still cold, even though the water pouring onto your skin was scalding.

You stayed like that until the water ran cold, and only then you stood up and turned the water off, wrapping a towel around your body. You dressed, and then went around your house for the fifth time that night, checking to make sure that all of the doors and windows were locked.

You slowly made your way upstairs, jumping at even the slightest creaks. You walked into your bedroom, locked the door behind you, and crawled into your bed, turning off the heated blanket.

You ran, calling desperately for help, but no one could hear you. You frantically whirled around, looking for any means for escape. But there was none. The demon landed before you, his blonde hair falling messily over his eyes.

“What are you?” he asked. His voice echoed, becoming too loud. You covered your ears. He stepped closer, the echoes fading. Then you were falling, surrounded by blackness. The demon flew around you, chuckling as you fell, your voice becoming raw from screaming.

The demon caught you, his arms wrapping around you, and up you flew. You looked down. There was a lake beneath you. Suddenly he let go, and you were plummeting towards the lake, flailing madly. His laughter echoed, mingling with the words he had said earlier. The noise was too loud.

You hit the water, and tried to swim back up, but your limbs weren’t responding. The demon dived in after you, smirking at your slowly sinking form.

“You’ll see me again, love. Until then, dream of me…”

You bolted upright, sweat dripping down your back, breathing hard. You ran a hand through your hair, trying to calm yourself. It had only been a dream. But the demon’s words rattled around your brain.


Arthur sat in the tree outside your window, weaving your dreams. He watched you intently, trying to figure out how you had pushed him like that. No human he had ever encountered before could do that.

His dark green eyes slipped over your tossing and turning form. What made you special? How had you done it? You bolted upright, breathing hard. After a few moments, you stood and made your way to the window.

Arthur disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.
Hope you like!

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I do not own hetalia, or you. (You belong to :iconenglandplz:)
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