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February 12


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You hummed softly as you walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, fresh-out-of-the-dryer towel in hand. The house was quiet, and all of the windows were thrown open, letting in the warm spring sunlight. You smiled and pushed the bathroom door open.

You squeaked as you strode into the bathroom to be greeted by a showering Gilbert. Your face turned bright red, and you looked down, stuttering apologies. “I am so, so, so sorry Gilbert. I had no idea you were in here. I didn't even know you were home so I was going to take a shower, and I'm so sorry...” you stopped yourself before you could babble any more, and steered yourself towards the door, eyes fixed on the floor.

Gilbert started laughing. You shut the door behind you and all but ran to your room, blushing again as the full image of what you had seen registered in your mind. You hung your towel on its hook and took a few breaths to calm yourself.

You left your room and snuck past the bathroom to the kitchen, looking for breakfast. You really hoped your walking in on Gilbert didn't make things awkward. It wouldn't be good if things did become awkward, seeing as you were roommates. Maybe if you just acted like nothing happened...

“You didn't have to leave, you know. I vouldn't have minded,” said Gilbert, smirking. You jumped and turned around, blushing madly. Gilbert stood there in nothing but the towel wrapped around his hips. You cleared your throat and looked away.

“What?” was the only response you could come up with as you looked determinedly at the counter and not at Gilbert's leanly muscled and still wet body. You didn't used to have a crush on your roommate, but somewhere along the lines you'd developed one, although it had never been as unmanageable as it was being now.

“You heard me,” he replied stepping towards you. You bit your lip and dared a look at his face. He was still smirking, his red eyes glinting with mischief. You didn't know how to respond, so you kept quiet as he advanced. He traced your jaw with his thumb, his hand settling on your neck. Your eyes widened as you tried to process what was happening. Gilbert laughed. “You are so red right now.”

You gave him the best glare you could muster. He ran his thumb across your bottom lip, and then leaned in, his lips capturing yours. You tensed, unsure of what to do. Gilbert whispered against your lips. “Relax.”

You did, and he pulled you closer, the front of your shirt becoming damp as it pressed against his chest. Your hands automatically tangled in his hair, and his free hand settled the small of your back. He ran hand up your spine, shivers running through you. You pulled away slightly.

“Are you okay?” Gilbert asked, concern showing on his face.

“W-what's happening you here?” You unconsciously licked your lips.

“I like you, (Name).” You did a double take.

“You like me?”

“Yeah,” Gilbert responded with a soft laugh. You kissed him, pressing closer to him. He smiled, lifting you and sitting you on the counter.

“I take it you like me too?” he asked, breaking for breath. You nodded, and he pressed his lips to yours again, leaning into the counter so that your legs wrapped around his waist.

“I don't think I need a shower anymore,” you laughed, looking down at your soaking shirt. Gilbert laughed.

“Well... I think you missed a couple of spots...” he replied.

“Oh? Maybe you should help me, then.” You laughed at the surprised expression on Gilbert's face. Apparently he wasn't expecting you to be brazen.

“I can do that,” Gilbert said, whisking you off the counter and carrying you to the bathroom. You squeaked and then started laughing again.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing you walked in on him.
Just a short little thing I did a little while back. Hope you like it!
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